Do You Know the Way to Monterey?

I am envious of the attendees of Internet Librarian 2010. Not only is this conference small, intimate and targeted, but it is held in idyllic Monterey, California. Fingers crossed that I am actually an “internet librarian” by next autumn.

In any event, looks like there was some fantastic thinking and sharing going on at this year’s conference. Here is a link to an amazing slide show by Bobbi Newman “Libraries in a Transliterate, Technology Fluent World.” One of the key points is that transliteracy involves not only being able to read and write, but to also evaluate and synthesize information. People must develop the skill of flexibility to learn new things and then, as technology inevitably changes, to relearn newer things.

Who better to help people with information related transitions? Librarians. It’s not about the content. It’s a bit about the delivery. It is all about what we do with information and how we interpret, analyze and understand it. The future has been here. Go!


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