Why is DAM so DAM Confusing?

Another great resource for you – this time on Digital Asset Management. This is something that many businesses want and need, but have no idea where to start and how to prioritize the implementation, education and use of systems.

This article specifically is about why it is such a confusing subject for multi-disciplinary organizations. This blog by Henrik de Gyor offers some superb jumping off points for those interested in DAM or saddled with that responsibility anyway.

I have a particular interest in all of this as I consider myself the translator between the technical folks, the creatives and the business stakeholders. As an LIS professional with a sordid past as an advertising producer and asset manager, I like to identify common concerns for all parties and simplify the solutions. I think that is the key to any successful DAM system. At least one that people will find useful in their daily work…

Finally, here’s another of my favorite posts on this DAM blog – “Why do I need a Digital Asset Manager?”


Buchstabenmuseum: The Museum of Letters

Here is a beautifully designed website for an interesting collection in Berlin, Germany. The Museum of Letters “is devoted to preserving and documenting letterforms.” This appeals to typography and letterpress buffs, museum folks and librarians and lovers of letters alike.

The site has a nice clean aesthetic, copy in German and English and my favorite part – a place to click through part of the collection. Yummy!

VRA Core, Luna Insights and Cornell University

Are you contemplating the VRA Core 4.0 metadata standard for processing a collection? In performing research for the Century 21 Exposition collection at The Seattle Public Library, I ran across some useful and informative resources by Margaret Webster of Cornell University on that very subject.

In 2007, Webster wrote an article and presented on Cornell’s experience using Luna Insights collection management software and employing VRA Core 4.0 elements to process some really unique faculty collections. Here are some links to resources and the citation to the article that piqued my interest:

* Collection ‘Beyond the Taj’ on Luna Commons

* Presentation by Webster ‘The metadata landscape: Cataloging Cultural Objects, VRA Core and our visual collections

* Article citation: Webster, M. (2007). E-grants + VRA Core 4.0 + XML = collaboration: Implementing VRA Core 4.0 in metadata workflows. Visual Resources Association Bulletin, 34(1), 111-119.

Social Media Friday

Do you care about your Klout score? Touted as the “standard for influence,” Klout offers a measurement of your online influence. So if you are an avid blogger and Tweeter, you may want to employ this measure in addition to using analytics tools like Google Analytics to explore and track the impact of your posts.

My Klout score has risen dramatically in the past few weeks which demonstrates a pretty typical trend. When you begin any social media campaign, it takes a while to attract followers, develop a voice and expand reach.

Now, let’s talk about Twitter. There was a fantastic post by the Travelin’ Librarian Michael Sauers recently about how to “Pimp Your Twitter.” This post offers some cool suggestions on ancillary resources like Hootsuite for organizing multiple Tweeters, Flickr2Twitter to aid in your instant photo posting quest, and the ARCHIVISt for archiving and tracking your Tweets.