Librarians Like Conferences

Hot on the heels of Internet Librarian, the Charleston Conference was held in South Carolina from November 3rd through today. This conference is billed as more of an informal gathering of librarians, publishers and vendors meeting to discuss timely topics mostly pertaining to acquisition and information delivery. After reading all the Tweets and some other posts from the conference, these are the topics discussed that seem most interesting to me:

  • There is a big need for library school graduates with knowledge of data archiving and data curation.

  • There was a session devoted to a face off between Serials Solutions Summons and EBSCO Discovery. Unifying theme – library users prefer a single Google-like search box.

  • Social media use [for scholarly research] seems to be focused on the beginning and end of the research cycle.

  • Researchers want libraries to index full text library holdings and socially tag library catalogs.

  • Google Books metadata: Google collects metadata from over 100 sources, creates a “best of” record in an internal format and displays on

These are mere tidbits. Much more information can be found at Erin Dorney’s fabulous blog Library Scenester and at the conference site. Great stuff! Isn’t it cool that social media allows for virtual conference attendance?


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