Hollywood Librarian Review

Remember I mentioned the documentary Hollywood Librarian? While it did feature all the best snippets of librarians in the movies (Desk Set, Party Girl, Music Man) and a lot of great stuff about why people become librarians, there was a strong focus on the current budget crises facing almost every library, type of library, and, frankly every other business or organization in this country right now.

If you become a librarian because you think it will be easy, think again. You will need to learn new technology almost daily, you will have to fight for funding for your organization and demonstrate your relevance constantly. I am new to all this having worked in libraries in the 80’s and 90’s, segued into over a decade in advertising and now returning to the field.

I decided that if I am going to work hard (like in advertising) I want to do it for something I personally believe in – like libraries. I want to use my powers for good. So please stop whining and start doing something!

Perhaps you can’t change the world or even the entire fate of your organization. What can you do? Can you make a few changes that make the website better? Can you hold a bake sale? Can you organize an event to attract a different user group? Can you think of a different way to display your materials?

Well, I think you can. Librarians and information professionals are adaptable, resourceful and smart. But whining is not appealing, nor does it accomplish a darn thing.


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