I’ll Never be an Action Figure

While library and information people probably don’t think a lot about fame and most will never be immortalized in molded plastic like Nancy Pearl of librarian action figure notoriety, a little bit of self promotion never hurt.

I read an interesting article recently by Roy Tennant on LibraryJournal.com about becoming famous in the library world. Let’s face it – having an MLIS and hoping to snag a primo position is a bit competitive. If having a niche, doing speaking engagements, having a blog, using other social media outlets strategically and setting yourself up as a resource or dare I say, expert can lead in a positive direction, why not?

The one bit of advice from Tennant that I need to work on is finding a mentor. I will be graduating in the Spring and although I am undaunted by the competitiveness having spent over a decade in advertising, I would like some advice on practical matters such as how to submit papers for publication and why academic job searches seem to take months upon months. Anyone interested?


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