Social Media Friday

Do you care about your Klout score? Touted as the “standard for influence,” Klout offers a measurement of your online influence. So if you are an avid blogger and Tweeter, you may want to employ this measure in addition to using analytics tools like Google Analytics to explore and track the impact of your posts.

My Klout score has risen dramatically in the past few weeks which demonstrates a pretty typical trend. When you begin any social media campaign, it takes a while to attract followers, develop a voice and expand reach.

Now, let’s talk about Twitter. There was a fantastic post by the Travelin’ Librarian Michael Sauers recently about how to “Pimp Your Twitter.” This post offers some cool suggestions on ancillary resources like Hootsuite for organizing multiple Tweeters, Flickr2Twitter to aid in your instant photo posting quest, and the ARCHIVISt for archiving and tracking your Tweets.


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