Recycling Content

I prefer to think of it as recycling or cross-promoting, but Eureka Janet (Alexander) calls it “scraping.” This is the act of taking someone else’s awesome blog post, adding your own spin and using their ideas as your own instant content creator. Look, I just did it…

A couple months ago, I unofficially committed to posting interesting content everyday. Naturally, some days I merely link readers to useful resources. Other days I actually delve deeper, adding insight and raising issues. Most of the time, I am commenting on someone else’s content.

I think the key to doing this gracefully, embracing the true spirit of collegial discourse is to be respectful, give proper credit to the thought-originator, and to take care to not utterly mangle the core message.

I hope I recycle content well. I truly admire all the tech savvy, trend spotting information junkies participating in these virtual conversations. I feel inspired!


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