2010 Year End Mashup

A lot of great posts have been written in the last week of 2010. From devil’s advocates to looking ahead, esteemed library and information pros have been busy with reflection.

Taking inspiration from many posts including but not limited to the following, I am attempting to put together a list of my own LIS related resolutions for 2011. Nothing ends the year better than a list, right?

Here are fabulous posts for you to ponder while reflecting and resolving:

*Infonista: Kim Dority gives us this uplifting post called For 2011: Say Yes

*Meredith Farkas summarizes all the devil discussion in On Devil’s Advocates and Sausage Making

*The blog that spawned the discussion: K.G. Schneider’s The Devil Needs No Advocate

*Phrase and words that need to go on The ‘M’ Word

Now, without further ado, the Mod Librarian’s LIS Related 2011 Resolutions:

1. Be fearless, but prudent when proposing change.

2. Welcome opportunity and say yes to as much as possible while still retaining balance.

3. Read or write (or both) one LIS related resource per day.

4. Forge alliances with like minded LIS folks.

5. Stop using filler phrases like ‘At the end of the day,’ ‘That said,’ and ‘Net net.’

6. Be imaginative, innovative and enthusiastic.

7. Be discerning in weeding out techno-lust crushes from sustainable solutions.

8. Don’t let the pervasive doom and gloom of professionals like the Annoyed Librarian dampen your zeal for this profession.

9. Try things and if they don’t work, try other things.

10. Get that first post-MLIS job and get out there and make a difference!

Happy new year!


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