Does Your Social Media Lack Strategy?

Social media without strategy is like peanut butter without jelly – still tasty, but incomplete. Whether your interest and participation in the social media universe is personal or for your library, museum or organization, these words of wisdom from Umair Haque on the Harvard Business Review blog ring true.

In From Social Media to Social Strategy, Haque identifies the antisocial practices of many corporations. In order for any social media effort to garner user interest and effectively build a brand, some other core issues should be addressed.

This is cleverly summarized in the following attributes:

* Character: Does your organization or message embody character and integrity?

* Control: Is your organization run by a despot? Are you the despot?

* Culture: Is your culture in the Stone Age or do you care about more than killing a mastodon and serving it for dinner?

* Clarity: Simple is better.

* Cohesion: Set the tone and inspire conversation.

* Choreography: Once the tone is set, gently maneuver the user outcomes.


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