Better Best Practices for Digitization

Did you know that the Library of Congress hosts a site featuring best practices, guidelines, tutorials and glossaries for still image digitization? The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative and the Still Images Working Group has compiled Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials available as a PDF for download.

In addition, there are tips for planning and managing digitization projects, a section on content categories, and even papers and presentations. This site is a comprehensive starting point for beginning any type of digitization project or research on digital imaging.

My favorite glossary term? Ken Burns effect: Technique of embedding still photographs in motion pictures or animated slide shows, displayed with slow zooming and panning effects. The effect can be used as a transition: Burns might open with a close-up of one person in a photo, then zoom out so that another person in the photo becomes visible. Apple’s image editing software packages include options labeled “Ken Burns Effect.” Successful use of the Ken Burns effect requires a high level of resolution in the source still image, so that clarity is maintained when zooming on a detail like a face.


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