Nifty Smartphone App for British Library

Now you can explore the world’s knowledge via some nifty smartphone applications for The British Library. In parnership with Toura, a platform for mobile guides, the first offering called ‘Treasures‘ includes over 100 images curated as highlights of the collections ranging from illuminate manuscripts to sacred texts. Images are high resolution allowing users to really zoom in and examine details.

The collection selections are enhanced with videos and sound recordings featuring interviews with British Library curators, a renowned linguist and an explorer. The application will be updated frequently and is available for a small fee, but imagine how much you can learn from an app like this one versus that zombie attack game you spent $2.99 on last fall.

It is worth mentioning that the website for The British Library is fairly awesome as well. With access to journal articles and online collections, the site does a fabulous job of taking a dense amount of content and presenting it in a simple, clean and easy to search manner. In addition, users can add notes if they know more about the item they are viewing than the metadata in the record. The people working on emerging tech at The British Library are very savvy indeed.



2 thoughts on “Nifty Smartphone App for British Library”

  1. Is this one of the more sophisticated mobile apps for a library? Have you had the chance to play with it yet? I’d be interested to see how or if UI/UX is different from overseas developers. Thanks for posting! (Yay for commentability!!)

  2. I am in iPhone updating limbo right now, but as soon as that stops I plan to not only download this British Library app, but also apps for MOMA, the Brooklyn Museum, LACMA and LOC. I will report on all later in the week in this very blog.

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