Mobile Library Free for All

By now, you’ve all been shocked and awed by the sheer numbers of mobile users and are likely suitably impressed by the opportunity this presents for libraries. What is disproportionate is the number of libraries offering mobile services, especially applications for instruction.

I recently had the good fortune to speak with a number of Washington library web services experts and learned that one of the factors preventing their academic library’s foray into mobile was a World Cat Local catalog and awaiting the OCLC mobile solution. However, I wondered if their library system could benefit from something even simpler than a catalog, i.e. an intereactive map or access to subject guides.

In an amazing post by Tiffani Travis recounting information she presented at ALA Mid-Winter, she explores using LibGuides by Springshare as well as WordPress to provide students with mobile access to library subject or course specific resources. Because both Springshare and WordPress offer options for mobile devices, the input by the library is minimal and requires no special mobile app dev skills.

This is a great example of thinking about new technologies and pushing the envelope rather than lamenting perceived limitations. No mobile app or mobile budget or dev savvy? What do you know and how can you exploit tools to meet your needs and those of users?




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