5 Very Special LIS Things + 1 Bonus Thing

Last week, the column in the New York Times that provided inspiration for this one only listed 8 things instead of their usual 10. But I am not going to shortchange you. In fact, I am adding a bonus thing:

1. Is it curation or editing? Discuss after reading this.

2. Ever need a photo editor when you are away from your trusted Photoshop? Try Pixlr.

3. Are there too many buzzwords in the phrase Hybrid Open Source Enterprise Cloud Solutions?

4. Is this comic living in the Macy’s window and posting on FB a social media trend? Should a librarian spend a week living in the stacks and tweet about it?

5. Don’t libraries do the coolest social media campaigns? Look at these.


Did you realize there is such a thing as bookshelf porn? For people who love to look at bookshelves…




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