Sharepoint Week

Welcome to Sharepoint week! I have a new project that will involve using Sharepoint to manage creative assets, milestones and documents. To prepare for this assignment, I am first reviewing Sharepoint as it has been a while since I used it. My first step was a thorough review of the application made possible by a lovely and concise course on the WebJunction site.

I must report that this was my first tangible exploration of a WebJunction course and I was very pleased by the simple step by step instruction. While many of the features were fairly rudimentary since Sharepoint is kind of a glorified wiki that integrates seamlessly with MS Office workflows, I applaud the course organization and delivery.

Later in the week I will look at truly pushing the limits of Sharepoint towards creating a DAM system for image files and the management of a complex creative asset workflow. Right now, I am merely happy to feel confident in navigating the application. As with any software implementation, the first step in the process is developing a comfort level with the benefits and limitations and the WebJunction course fit the bill!


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