More DAM Sharepoint Resources

I never thought I’d be sad that Sharepoint week is over, but I have even more amazing insights to share specifically regarding Sharepoint and DAM.

First off, a critical look at Sharepoint as a DAM for publishing and advertising assets, as it appeared on the blog Invisible Fist in 2009. I particularly appreciate the list of concerns and opinions which include some I have already mentioned such as Sharepoint being Microsoft-centric and Sharepoint exhibiting issues with file conversion options for creative assets. Invisible Fist also astutely comments on Sharepoint’s lack of integration with compound-content tools (hello, layout files) and lack of color management workflow.

Another article on CMSWire called Is Sharepoint 2010’s DAM Good Enough for Your Organization? brings up some other valuable considerations including the fact that you will need Silverlight to render digital content and flagrant lack of support for thumbnail images. This is one of many articles on this topic to recommend Mediarich as an add on to alleviate these issues.

Finally, on Andy Dale’s Sharepoint blog where you can apparently continue Sharepoint week for all eternity, Andy points out some good things that can result from using Sharepoint as a DAM, notably the ability to add approvals and permissions to assets. Then he says a whole lot more nice things about Mediarich for Sharepoint.

So what did I learn this week? If I want to use Sharepoint for creative asset management, I should check out Mediarich by Equilibrium. And so should you, DAM it.


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