Death to Multi-Tasking: The Pomodoro Technique

Can I tell you about how I have based an entire lifetime on multi-tasking? I was doing it before it was even called multi-tasking. Now, a rash of new studies provides the shocking news that you can’t really excel at any one thing when you are doing ten things at once. I must be exemplary.

But really, the key is focus. Without even realizing it, I have always practiced a workflow where I tackle difficult tasks earlier in the day, work on things in a concentrated manner for a period of time and rewarding myself with a web surfing break (the Pomodoro technique) or tackling creative work in a non-office setting.

These strategies and others are detailed in this interesting article by Jocelyn K. Glei. What does this have to do with library and information sciences? With so many hats to wear and plates to juggle, librarians are natural multi-taskers. It might be time to take a break, especially when trying to accomplish big projects like budget projections or staffing plans.


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