The #referencedesk Twitter Experiment

Imagine a network of librarians linked by Twitter. Imagine staffing the reference desk and being super stumped by a question. Surreptitiously, you reach for your smartphone and tweet a short synopsis of the question with the hashtag #referencedesk. Compulsive Twitter addicted librarians from around the country can see you are in distress and tweet you a suggestion on a resource or answer. Does this sound useful or fun to anyone?

The idea was inspired by the reference course I am taking now. The discussion was about what to do when you truly have no idea how to begin researching a patron question.

Let’s try it. Pass on this blog to all your LIS pals. We can start a phenomenon.




2 thoughts on “The #referencedesk Twitter Experiment”

  1. This is exactly what the social web is for! It’d be great to set up a site that collects all the tweets tagged #referencedesk so others could check in on it and make sure the questions were being answered and not just lost in the stream. Great idea Tracy!

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