5 Things Thursday: Hurray!

Here are five more things that may prove interesting conversation generators:

  1. Do you dream of a world with one search box for all?
  2. Want a new book display option since the world is going digital? Check out this book spiral.
  3. Craving some cold war style Russian posters? Duke has some here.
  4. Need super simple circulation software? I like this one – Simple Library Pro.
  5. Want to read more about collecting and preserving user-generated content?

Those Darn Librarians and Pesky Books

An article in the Daily Pilot explains that the upscale community of Newport Beach is considering closing one of its branches to save money and “to create a place where people want to come and be.”

Here’s my favorite line:

“By eliminating books and librarians at the building, they hope to adapt to modern times and save money while providing residents services they’ll actually use.”

Now, I agree that library service of the future will focus much more on content delivery than on actual books, however, don’t we still need trained librarians to do the work associated with curating, selecting, purchasing, managing and organizing that content.

Newport Beach would like to save money by eliminating trained reference librarians. The plan is instead to turn part of the Marina Park Community Center into an “electronic library.” Simply putting in some terminals with Internet connections and access to some content does not a library make. Thoughts?

Thursday: 5 Things Now!

Here are five LIS topics to amaze and delight your fellow library and information pals.

  1. Want to act out a movie? Go to the Internet Movie Script Database.
  2. Are you looking for seemingly invisible LIS jobs? Check out this post by the fabulous Infonista.
  3. Do you want a ton of online information on Australia and Austalians? Say G’day to Trove.
  4. Want to trade books with other people who read books? Be a BookMooch.
  5. Love social media demographics? Here you go…

Happy Thursday!