Social Media Secrets: Mod Librarian in Print

Although I have been writing this blog for some time and doing a lot of professional writing, I am tickled pink to have my very first article in print in the Washington Library Association‘s Alki journal.

Since this article really is in print, I scanned it and linked a PDF to my website here:

Washington Libraries Reveal Social Media Secrets

The article itself explores the social media strategies and techniques at several large Washington library systems – The Seattle Public Library, King County Library System and the University of Washington Libraries.

Here is an excerpt to peak your interest. Many thanks to Meredith Farkas’ amazing class for inspiring the article!

“Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at another library to see how they manage social media outreach? This article goes behind the scenes at several large Washington library systems to uncover challenges, triumphs and tricks of the trade regarding blogs, tweets, and social networks…”










2 thoughts on “Social Media Secrets: Mod Librarian in Print”

  1. Congratulations, Tracy! It’s so inspiring to see you doing local research here in the PNW and pushing your MLIS skills in so many valuable directions.

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