Proven Versatility and Spell Check

Lately I have been reviewing some resumes of library professionals and conducting some phone interviews as part of my job. I have been pondering several things about librarian job search techniques as well as job hunting in general. Here are some observations followed by two really relevant blog posts on the subject.

  • When you customize a resume, make sure you attach the right one when applying to a position online. I ran across several cover letters and resumes that were obviously created for other positions.
  • Spell check. Proofread. Pay attention to grammar.
  • Do some research on the company, university or library.
  • Don’t include information that is not required (transcripts, for instance).
  • If you have a wide range of experience, address the skills that most apply to the position at hand in the cover letter.

These may seem obvious, but careful attention to detail is paramount when applying for a position that demands attention to detail.

Here are two great resources on library job searching:

On a similar subject, I have been thinking a lot about librarians that end up in positions drastically different from their concentrations in graduate school – metadata geeks and taxonomy nerds selecting book group titles or aspiring reference librarians behind the scenes in technical services. If nothing else, it seems that librarians lucky enough to find library related work in these challenging times should be able to demonstrate versatility and adaptability in spades when it is finally time to refocus.


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