Impressive Image Tools

Visual image search has come a long way indeed. Check out these products by pixolution, including an iPhone app. From sorting images based on their visual similarity to suggesting semantically similar images, pixolution products are like magic. Try the demo for Pixolu image search, for instance. Type in a word like ‘cat,’ behold the massive amount of cute kitty cat faces and then select a couple of your favorites. Choose ‘get similar images’ and the visual search technology locates shots that resemble the original selects.

Another company with a long history in visual image search is Idée. The reverse search engine TinEye can locate an image on the web. Upload a photo or choose the URL for the image in question and uses PixMatch – an API-based, automated image matching solution. Given an image to look for, it locates identical or modified images within or between large scale image collections.

Finally, did you ever wish there was an easier way to tag images? Have trouble with keywording your images to maximize findability? Want more image search and similarity suggestions? Well, a company called imense® makes cutting-edge products which revolutionize the analysis, search and annotation of digital images and video.


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