PLUS: Simplifying Image Rights

For years I have been talking about the standardization of stock image rights parameters. As an art buyer/producer and later working in the stock industry, I observed many different models for calculating rights-managed licenses. Add to that original photography and usage stipulations can be wide-ranging and often confusing to end users.

Finally a solution is underway. Meet the PLUS Coalition, a group with the mission “To simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights.” Drawing on the vast expertise of stock industry veterans, visual resource associations, artist representatives, photographers and publishers, PLUS intends to stay away from pricing and focus on standardization of rights parameters.

Here are the main ways that PLUS will improve Rights Management:

  • Standardize license data
  • Provide machine readable, worldwide standards for communicating an image license
  • Create license reference codes that can be embedded in image headers and invisible watermarks on printed images
  • Allow for better monitoring and policing of image distribution and use
  • Allow customers to easily track image licenses and avoid unintentional infringement
  • Discourage claims of innocent infringement

5 Things Thursday: Photos, A Day in the Life and the Future

Yes, you’ve got it – 5 things to inspire discourse:

  1. Whatever will Google do with facial recognition company PittPatt?
  2. What will life be like in the year 2050?
  3. Would you like to see some of the best photography from National Geographic?
  4. Want to learn about fellow library professionals participating in the Library Day in the Life Project?
  5. Have an idea for the AMIA conference on digital audivisual asset management?

Automator to the Rescue

How many of you fully explore the pre-installed programs on your computer? Well, thank goodness a recent post by Leala Abbott hipped me to the amazing tool on Mac OS – the Automator.

Like many people working with digital asset management, I often need to create lists of filenames, rename files, document folder contents and a variety of other tedious tasks. Looks like the Automator can help with that and much more. It reminds me of creating an Action in Photoshop – you select the steps you’d like in order and then run the workflow.

You can also use Automator to filter email messages, clean up your iTunes, combine PDF pages, scale images and manage your fonts. It seems the only thing the Automator does not do is make coffee.


5 Things Thursday: eJournals, Web Scale Discovery and DAM

Here are five topics to ponder:

  1. Want to explore eJournal use by subject? Read this from the eclectic librarian.
  2. Interested in ways to use web scale discovery tools without visiting library sites?
  3. If you’re a Digital Asset Manager, ever wonder how to describe your job without boring people?
  4. Do you ever wonder what it would be like if actual physical books had lending restrictions as complex as ebooks?
  5. Are you experiencing information overload? Wait, it will get worse


BONUS: student research journal from the San Jose State SLIS program

SPL’s Century 21 Collection Unveiled!

Last fall, I had the pleasure of working on an amazing digital project at The Seattle Public Library during my Student Librarianship. The Century 21 Exposition Digital Collection features ephemera and photos from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. From the modern Googie inspired architecture to the pavilions highlighting futuristic innovations, the Century 21 Exposition was a milestone event.

The SPL collection contains many photos by a local photographer, Werner Lenggenhager who captured a rare, behind-the-scenes view of the fair from construction to demolition. I was lucky to be involved in the metadata planning, scanning, and uploading of quite a few of the images in the collection. The final landing page and the search and browse features offer multiple ways to view the collection. Take a look at the photo of a man holding a giant crab in the Alaska Pavilion or the Belgian Waffle House.

Special Collections at SPL has done a marvelous job of curating and displaying these materials. Go back to the future!