PLUS: Simplifying Image Rights

For years I have been talking about the standardization of stock image rights parameters. As an art buyer/producer and later working in the stock industry, I observed many different models for calculating rights-managed licenses. Add to that original photography and usage stipulations can be wide-ranging and often confusing to end users.

Finally a solution is underway. Meet the PLUS Coalition, a group with the mission “To simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights.” Drawing on the vast expertise of stock industry veterans, visual resource associations, artist representatives, photographers and publishers, PLUS intends to stay away from pricing and focus on standardization of rights parameters.

Here are the main ways that PLUS will improve Rights Management:

  • Standardize license data
  • Provide machine readable, worldwide standards for communicating an image license
  • Create license reference codes that can be embedded in image headers and invisible watermarks on printed images
  • Allow for better monitoring and policing of image distribution and use
  • Allow customers to easily track image licenses and avoid unintentional infringement
  • Discourage claims of innocent infringement

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