5 Things Thursday: Secret Servers, Spelling Errors, and MLIS Specializations

Here are five things to ponder as you rake up falling leaves:

  1. Did they really spell school incorrectly right in front of a school?
  2. How should you select an MLIS program specialization?
  3. Is this the best, most Darling minimalist website design ever?
  4. Ever wonder where all the servers live?
  5. Is Amazon Kindle library lending beta testing in Seattle?

BONUS: Want to read about Clifford Lynch, Scholarly Works, Big Data and Libraries?


Netflix and Qwikster: Licensing Revelation

I ran across an interesting article on Wired.com regarding the Netflix decision to split off the DVD mailing division into a separate entity called Qwikster. Despite the fact that the Twitter account Qwikster currently belongs to a ‘pot smoking Elmo,’ the move to split may indeed be due to licensing.

Before splitting, Netflix was only able to negotiate rights and release windows for content for both the online and mail business together. Studios were able to leverage one against the other and as a result, as users no doubt noticed, the online selection was limited and lagged behind the release of the physical media.

Now, with the ability to make deals independently, both businesses should be able to offer better more timely content. As long as the split does not add another level of digital inconvenience to my days (like the Facebook changes), I applaud the cleverness.


5 Things Thursday: SEO, Keywords, Artist Rights

Here are five things to discuss while sipping hot apple cider this fall:

  1. Would you like to get scientific about search engine optimization?
  2. Did you know you can search Google image with any image?
  3. Want to hear an awesome podcast from ASPP on keywording photos?
  4. Does a National Portrait Gallery contest trample artists’ rights?
  5. What is it about the smell of a book (versus the smell of a Kindle)?

Metadata Monday: Photo Keywording

There are many good resources devoted to photo keywording. This one on the site Photopreneur discusses the importance of keywording for photographers submitting images to stock photo companies. Since the keyword guidelines for different companies vary slightly, it is crucial that photographers understand the guidelines and develop a system that incorporates all the parameters.

Applying keywords just once will be less time consuming and finding ways to automate and streamline the process is key. Another great resource is on one of my favorite sites, Controlled Vocabulary.

The Caption and Keywording Guidelines list questions you should ask yourself regarding the “aboutness” of any image. This list should assist you in creating a process that will lend speed, consistency and accuracy to your photo keywording efforts.

International Center for Photography

Check out the Research Center at the site for the International Center for Photography.

eMuseum is a searchable database of ICP’s Photography Collection. Each record includes information about the photographer, title, date, medium, as well as an image, when available.With over 20,000 records in the database and new content added daily, this resource provides a glimpse into a rich photographic history without leaving the couch.

Photomuse.org represents a collaboration between ICP and the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, providing more online resources for the study of photography.