InfoCamp Seattle: Art of Presentation

Yesterday I attended day one of InfoCamp Seattle. There was a focus on user experience this year, a smattering of traditional librarian types, and not many people talking about my favorite topics – taxonomy and metadata.

What impressed me was the presentation style of the keynote address by Nishant Kothery, a designer from Microsoft, who spoke mainly about people, intuition, predictable irrationality and other things that can sometimes get in the way when collaboration is the key. He put together an amazing resource list here, but I was even more interested in his style of presenting – lots of photos, iconic images, soundbytes of ideas.

I attended another information session by Jen Matson, UX designer at Ascentium, on protoyping with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I was impressed by her presentation because it was organized in such a way that both people with no experience in coding or a lot of experience in coding would benefit. Jen was able to find the middle ground between simplicity and complexity.

Why was I more interested in the presentation style than the content? I am presenting twice in November – once at the Henry Stewart DAM LA conference on rights for creative assets and again at the ASPP West Chapter on keywording for photographers.

I always learn something valuable at InfoCamp and this year it was all about the art of presenting.


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