Metadata Monday: SQL Server 2012 and Data Explorer

Microsoft’s Data Explorer is a a touch-sensitive visualization tool that will orbit around the new SQL Server ecosystem. Admittedly, Microsoft Excel has long been the tool used to manipulate and visualize data, but even Quentin Clark, Microsoft’s own corporate vice president for database systems, tells RWW in this article that using Excel for enterprise data is not really optimal.

Why? Because people tend to share Excel spreadsheet fragments, other people make changes, and the data eventually falls out of context with the database itself.Here is what Clark says specifically:

“It’s not so much that we don’t want Excel in the loop,” says Clark about a product his team doesn’t manage. “We want to give IT tools to make data sharable, so [people] can stop using Excel as the way data and information gets flowed, over e-mail… [and] ensure that SharePoint can be used as a sharing and collaboration mechanism, as opposed to e-mail.”

And that’s just the icing on the cake. Data Explorer allows sharing data through SharePoint too. 


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