5 Things Thursday: Healthcare Metadata, LOC Legends, Lost Generation

Here are five things to discuss on the beach.

  1. Did you know the Library of Congress now has some killer audio interviews with rock icons?
  2. Digital asset management tip of the week.
  3. Musings on healthcare information and Dublin Core metadata.
  4. Interested in the Dutch National Archives? Well they released over 140K press photos.
  5. Are we in the midst of a lost generation of librarians?

5 Things Thursday: DAM Math, Mobile Web, Data Curation, Archives

Here are 5 things and change for reading and discussion:

  1. Why do you need math skills for DAM and digitization planning? 
  2. Why is the mobile web crucial for libraries?
  3. Want to learn more about the emerging field of data curation?
  4. Check out this historic photo archive at the New York Public Library: the Farm Security Administration from the 1930’s and 40’s.

BONUS: Is North Plains the first DAM Suite vendor?