5 Things Thursday: DAM, Music and Negative Librarians

Here are five things to ponder:

  1. Does DAM success hinge on integration and vendor support? Irina Guseva of the Real Story Group thinks that “technology fit” and “partner fit” are two key factors. I could not agree more. The technology should fit not only user requirements, but integrate with existing systems or workflows if need be. And, since you’ll likely be working closely with your DAM vendor for years to come, they should be responsive and helpful.
  2. Should you consider use when choosing a DAM system? Irina Guseva of the Real Story Group stresses the importance of use cases in selection. Anjali Yakkundi, a researcher with Forrester Research Inc. urges DAM customers to identify the business problem they are trying to solve.
  3. Are you a digital hoarder? Edward Smith from Extensis may be able to help you. With five simple steps to getting organized and the best place to start, this SXSW submission also includes a handy Slideshare.
  4. Are you interested in a Wikipedia-like music encyclopedia? Check out MusicBrainz. You can contribute or use it as a search tool. My test search on Duran Duran brought up all recordings, tracks and even tags like ‘new wave, pop, alternative, synth pop.’
  5. Sick of negative nellies discouraging new MLIS graduates? Read this post on Hack Library School. Most library professionals have a love of knowledge sharing and are natural mentors, but others feel threatened by the new crop of librarians and change in general. I am going on record here to say thank you to all the librarians I worked with while in library school who shared their knowledge willingly. Now that I am out there, I would love to share mine with anyone who asks too.

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