5 Things Thursday: Lightroom, DAM, Rock and Roll, Scholarly Journals

Admittedly, this week I wanted to write about my awesome new Origins Ginzing mascara and the crush worthy Stuart Weitzman boots at Nordstrom, but this is a blog about information damn it.

  1. For photographers, how to better utilize Adobe Lightroom as a digital asset management tool by using Smart Collections.
  2. Hysterical article by David Diamond on the DAM disconnect when it comes to humans searching. Features some of my favorite lines from the perspective of the DAM system “What the hell are you really looking for? I hate humans. Find your own damned file.”
  3. Adam Wead from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame archive talks about their systems. Yummy catalog records and stuff.
  4. Please contribute answers to this question “What are the most important considerations when planning the introduction of a DAM system?”
  5. Wonder what scholarly journals you should read or where you should aspire to publish?

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