1 thought on “5 Things Thursday: Nimble Metadata, Paradata, and the Decline of Reference”

  1. Most of the things that data triplet post describe as "paradata" strike me as things NISO have already defined as structural or administrative metadata concepts in their excellent "Understanding Metadata" booklet. The length of a survey question response is structural metadata, for example. And I think time to complete a survey or reaction time to a question could be considered technical details about specific survey instances, they seem like administrative metadata to me. As such, I’m not convinced that "paradata" is a useful or clarifying concept, in fact, it seems to me that it’s muddling concepts already clearly defined by a standards organization…That said, looking around for other definitions of paradata, I like the one at http://nsdlnetwork.org/stemexchange/paradata because it focuses on how the content is used, in ways that seem to go beyond traditional administrative provenance metadata. I’m less of a paradata skeptic after seeing this definition, but I’m going to be thinking about this for a while.

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