5 Things Thursday: Unfound Art, Filenaming, Auto-tag or Crowdsource?

Here are five fabulous fall things:

  1. Why are museum collections invisible on the web? Echoes my sentiments about the importance of discoverability. If museums take the time and trouble to set up digital collections, they need to ensure that they tag and promote appropriately for maximum impact.
  2. Why are filenames important? First and foremost, as a unique identifier, but beyond that a filename can contain some relevant information. Read this to learn how to tailor filenames as another strategy to asset management.
  3. From my favorite Henrik de Gyor: Should I Auto-tag or Crowdsource my Metadata? Explains tagging and auto-tagging as well as crowdsourcing and micro-tasking. Does any of it replace humans entirely? No, but it can be a valuable method of assistance when digital assets outpace their digital asset managers when employed cleverly.
  4. Find out more about why digital asset management is important for academic institutions. With so many users, assets, marketing media and the like, university webmasters would be beholden to a centralized repository of up-to-date information, logos and brand assets.
  5. Always an interesting read – the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter. Help define levels of digital preservation, submit proposals for upcoming conferences, learn about the preservation of video games and more.

BONUS: Did you love you tangerine iBook or Lisa? Remembering our Digital Past with Computer Historian David Greelish.


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