Digital Preservation and Curation

There were several interesting articles regarding digital preservation and curation recently.

From LOC’s The Signal, Four Easy Tips for Preserving Your Digital Photographs simplifies steps to Identify, Decide, Organize and Make Copy. This truly is the easiest way for photographers to approach their preservation efforts, providing they also account for digital storage obsolescence.

Two charming blogs from the United Kingdom – one from the Gloucestershire Archives on preserving born digital items describes the process they developed involving their unique “SCAT (Scat is Curation And Trust) tool to ‘package’ digital deposits as ‘GAip’ files. GAip (Gloucestershire Archives Ingest Package) files are then stored in our dedicated digital archive along with their own unique ‘fixity file,’ which is a snapshot of the contents of the package and a way to verify that the contents have not changed during the storage period.”

On The National Archives blog, Leicestershire’s Folk Past in Pictures describes the learning curve in digital preservation projects, most notably with irreplacable glass-plate negatives. This piece contains some great examples of the subjects archived in the collection.




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