5 Things Thursday: Turkey Edition – HP/Autonomy, Geeky Gadgets and Gravy

Here are five things to brighten your Thanksgiving conversation:

  1. Be thankful that you are not Autonomy. They apparently misled HP regarding finances. Oops.
  2. Is the entire enterprise software space a big turkey? This is explored here with my favorite line “the enterprise is selling a tangled mess of spaghetti architecture, and the only ones who can make sense of it are the vendors themselves.”
  3. What better time than immediately preceding black Friday to check out these ten geeky gadgets librarians love? I’d like the Aroma USB so my office can smell like cinnamon…
  4. Rejoice in the season with this Boxes and Arrows overhaul. This site has so much information for information types and now it looks even better.
  5. Ever have to explain the science of library science (especially to relatives at holiday dinners)? This article on good old Hack Lib School delves deeply into the social science aspect. I feel like my research methods course was not taken in vain…



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