5 Things Thursday: DAM Value Chain, InfoCamp, Social Media Tools

Here are five more things to think about in the week ahead. Since “curated” was voted one of the most overused words of 2012, I will be hand picking these information bits for you like rare wildflowers instead of curating content.

  1. What is the digital asset management value chain and how can this predict the future of DAM? Are you on a DAM island and are your DAM vendors floating around aimlessly with their API’s?
  2. Check out this yummy list of social media tools. How many do you already use?
  3. Pull up a comfy chair and dig into this comprehensive report on library discovery and the catalog. Includes concepts such as integration, the single search box, sourcing and scaling collections.
  4. Awesome new feature on Hack Library School “So What Do You Do” on interning at a news library. Wish they would interview me about what I do…
  5. Do you love unconferences and Portlandia? Well, Portland is hosting their very own President’s Day weekend InfoCamp. I wish I could go!

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