5 Things Thursday: Social Library, Librarian Wardrobe, Dewey-It-Yourself

Here are five artisan selections from the library and information science world:

  1. There is a call for papers on the enticing subject of librarian wardrobe and stereotypes. After watching Party Girl again last night and Desk Set over the holidays, I am aflutter with ideas.
  2. Have you read any of the Swiss Army Librarian blog by Brian Herzog? Love reference questions of the week.
  3. From Meredith Farkas, 5 Weeks to a Social Library covers everything from Drupal to wikis to blogs, oh my! I can attest to the fact that Meredith covers all social media bases. She is the reason I blog.
  4. Starting with the fateful line that no matter how good an MLIS program is, there isn’t enough time to learn everything, Hack Lib School provides a Dewey-It-Yourself guide to supplemental learning.
  5. Want to be a keynote speaker? I do. Andromeda Yelton offers some tips here.

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