5 Things Thursday: DAM Influencers, RDA, Design Librarian

Here are five more things for avid library and information fans:

  1. What lessons did you learn in library school? Here are some lessons learned halfway through which may help some of the students in progress. I could not agree more with getting organized (I had a color-coded Google calendar for assignments) and self discipline.
  2. Who were the top DAM influencers of 2013? My ex-professor John Horodyski made the list as did David Riecks, Henrik de Gyor and Edward Smith.
  3. Cataloging Futures contains a lot of information on RDA. Start with this easy to follow SlideShare and work your way to the present to see what is going on currently.
  4. Oh, Designer Librarian, where have you been all my life? This blog has a lot of promise – with screencasting tips, how to teach with Twitter and more for those who design and implement user education materials.
  5. What do library users want in the digital age? According to Pew Internet: “Patrons embrace new technologies – and would welcome more. But many still want printed books to hold their central place.”

BONUS: Top 40 posts from 2012 by Henrik de Gyor on Another DAM Blog.


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