#alamw13: @OCLC What’s New in CONTENTdm?

I stopped by the OCLC booth at ALA and was thrilled to meet the CEO of OCLC, Mr. Jay Jordan. He is a very nice man.

After our chat, I listened to one of the presenters talk about CONTENTdm and asked him some particulars about changes in the last couple years since I have used it. Some fabulous things have been done to allow for customized headers for each collection, social interaction, and general improvements in both the administrative and user experience.

The biggest change is that there are HTML parts and pieces that allow savvy web folks to get as fancy as they’d like with customizing.

“CONTENTdm accommodates institutions that want to make more advanced customizations. Advanced customizations can be made using the CONTENTdm API (application programming interface) and custom scripts to alter and extend website functionality, such as adding Google Analytics or shopping carts.”

As usual, the Denver Public Library is at the forefront of innovation with pushing the custom CONTENTdm envelope. Check out the header and then click on any of the images in the railroad collection to see the social features for sharing, tagging, commenting, rating and saving to favorites.

I can’t wait for an opportunity to try CONTENTdm again! Did I mention video and audio are now more seamlessly enabled too?


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