#alamw13: @ExLibrisGroup Rosetta

I visited the Ex Libris booth at the ALA Mid-Winter conference because I was interested in learning more about Rosetta – a digital preservation system.

Coming from the digital asset management side of things, this product seems to incorporate all of the standard features of a good DAM along with some others specific to “preserving cultural heritage and cumulative knowledge.”

As expected, Rosetta is scalable and expandable, allowing for ease of ingesting batch materials and separating permanent and working repositories for safety. Like a digital asset management system, Rosetta allows for the enforcement of item-level access rights as well.

Differing from the DAM world, is the focus on the ability to preserve a digital object for the future and to view it, regardless of format. Also, Rosetta is standards-based and therefore :

“Based on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model and conforming to trusted digital repository (TDR) requirements, the system provides institutions with the infrastructure and technology needed to preserve and facilitate access to the digital collections under their guardianship.”

Take a look at the case study for the National Library of New Zealand as well as the impressive collections site.


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