5 Things Thursday: Digital Collections, Citing a Tweet, Future of Libraries

Taking a brief break from my ALA Mid-Winter reporting (don’t fret – there is much more to come), here are five things:

  1. From the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation blog Impatient Optimists, an article on America’s attitude towards libraries in the digital age commenting directly on the Pew report – Jessica Door astutely observes that there is little else that would garner 91% of Americans’ support.
  2. How do you cite a Tweet in an academic paper?
  3. Ten technology ideas your library can implement quickly by Elyssa Kroski. From automating blog posts to post to Twitter to creating a special events wiki, these are easy implementations for anyone to try.
  4. An homage to the institutions that read this blog frequently – here are links to marvelous digital collections from the University of Washington (Architecture of the Pacific NW), the University of Toronto (Anatomic Collection), and Grinnell College (Computer Science Museum Catalog).
  5. Finally, explore librarian career paths on Pinterest.



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