#alamw13: Sustainable Collections, Backstage, Crowley

Here are brief reports on three vendors I visited during the ALA Mid-Winter conference that offer really great services for collection management and digitization.

  1. Sustainable Collection Services : this innovative company takes an unglamorous yet vital collection issue, weeding, and turns it into a tangible and data-driven solution. Their deselection decision support tools can analyze library statistics and even cross reference collections of custom specified partner institutions to devise an actionable plan for weeding materials. I was impressed by the collective experience of the team behind this company, as well as the recognition that every library collection is unique.
  2. Backstage Library Works : Backstage is a team of digitation experts that offers a one-stop shop for scanning, cataloging, conversion, duplication, storage, authority control and all other services related to preserving library materials. This company can work offsite or can assemble a team to work onsite in your library. The scope of the services offered as well as the flexibility makes this a great resource when a project lacks resources.
  3. Crowley : Crowley specializes in imaging – from scanning precious materials to providing the best in imaging equipment. From a book to an oversized map or poster, Crowley can handle any type of digitization required by a library, special collection, museum or archive.

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