#alamw13: @LibraryCongress: AutoDewey

This is the final in the ALA Mid-Winter series about a great presentation from the Library of Congress on AutoDewey.

Caroline Saccucci, Head, Dewey Section, and Julianne Beall, Assistant Editor, DDC, presented on the automation of converting LCC to DDC. The entire slide deck can be found here as a PDF.

What is most intriguing is that LCC and DDC are similar enough in treatment of individual literary works and individual literary authors for inclusion in AutoDewey to be useful, especially for the same catalogers that use LCC.

In some cases, selections must be made to direct AutoDewey to the correct literary time period or form of literature. Nevertheless, it can take less than ten seconds and no longer than one to two minutes to assign the DDC information and even to automate its inclusion in a MARC record.

The most interesting part of the slide deck is from page 11 onwards showing the actual examples of AutoDewey in action and the thought process behind the alogirithms used in creating this useful tool. I love the catalogers examples beginning on slide number 18.

Thank you to Caroline Saccucci for providing this link and information.


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