Here are five things from the new WordPress blog location. Enjoy!

  1. From Hack Library School, a topic near and dear to my heart – ‘Apply Yourself.’ I have heard too many reticent library students lament that they don’t have the experience to do X, Y or Z. Many people ask how I got my dreamy job. I simply applied. And I show up and work hard every day.
  2. Duke University innovates yet again. Check out this new library service Digitize This Book! Digitization on demand for Duke users could be the wave of the future in helping libraries assess what requires digitization.
  3. One of my favorite lines on Henrik de Gyor’s Another DAM blog “Some vendors like to confuse clients.” Read about the DAM Glossary here.
  4. Check out this interesting and oddly accessible post on Improving Linked Data from Smithsonian Libraries. Even though the subject matter is…

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