@DPLA: Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has been popping up in library news frequently as the official launch on March 18th approaches.

From a great article in American Libraries, to a LibraryBox SXSW project, DPLA is ready to launch in a big way. But what exactly is DPLA and did the idea originate or coincide with an OCLC report on Digital Libraries from November of 2011?

Indeed, there is some overlap – for instance, Emily Gore is the DPLA Director of Content and was one of the participants in the 2011 convening. There is a lot of overlap on the steering committee as well.

So what is the DPLA and how will it work? Although I expect many blog posts and articles to be written on just this subject in the next week, I thought I would boil it down. DPLA will integrate and aggregate existing content from hub libraries across the country. This is best explained here in the section on the Digital Hubs Pilot Project.

In addition, Elements of the DPLA gets into the nitty gritty – metadata, content, code and tools.

Stay tuned for a post next Monday for the launch itself with more insight and information.


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