5 Things Thursday: EAD, DAM, NYPL, NARA

Here are five things to consider this week:

  1. Check out this ultra useful site by the EADiva. I learned about EAD during my MLIS, but years of not using it have left me rusty. This site is as clear as can be. Simplicity and beauty and function…
  2. Save New York libraries by signing petitions on the Screwy Decimal site.
  3. Watch a webinar on being a DAM superhero and then take a DAM quiz.
  4. What will the library of the future be like? University of Washington professor Joe Janes shares some insight.
  5. What does the National Archives have against paper clips and staples. Lots!

5 Things Thursday: XML, Corbis, Adlib, Inspiration

I’m back! Many thanks to Henrik De Gyor of Another DAM blog and podcast fame. Here are five things:

  1. A recent project rudely reminded me that I need to remember the XML validator.
  2. Did you know that Corbis Images has a cave full of archival photos?
  3. Here’s a collection management system that is new to me. Adlib seems flexible and sustainable.
  4. As usual, Hack Library School has helpful guidance on keeping track of inspiration.
  5. Here is an interesting piece on the Here and There blog devoted to archival processing and museum stuff. Nice blog!