The Seattle Public Library Adds Zinio!#SPLBuzz

I love magazines. I still get print magazines for the obvious fashion glossies, but I am extremely excited to use my library card to access other magazines using Zinio via my favorite library system, The Seattle Public Library. All you need is an SPL library card and US Weekly can be yours.

Check it out


5 Things Thursday: DPI, DAM, ISBN API, LR

I thought I would hook everyone with acronyms in the headline…

Here are more than 5 things to think about in the sunshine.

  1. Great article on The Signal regarding resolution for digital preservation. Features a discussion between David Riecks and Barry Wheeler.
  2. Who wouldn’t like an infographic on Digital Asset Management?
  3. Comparing ISBN API’s from OCLC, LibraryThing and Open Library on code4lib.
  4. Here is a nice LR plug-in with a search and replace feature.
  5. Here are two great resources for innovative librarians – Libraries Thriving and a post on reinventing librarians from The Guardian.

BONUS: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

5 Things Thursday: Solo Librarian, DAM, CEPIC, DMS

Here are five things to consider this week:

  1. What is it like to be a solo tech librarian in the middle of a cornfield?
  2. What is document management software (DMS) and why is it so hard to get users to use it?
  3. Is frictionless photo licensing a dream or can it be reality? What is CEPIC up to in this regard?
  4. Can you get a DAM demo meant for your audience? Check out this DAM Vendor directory to figure out where to start.
  5. For my fellow SJSU alums, check out this 23 Things educational series for students and alumni.

5 Things Thursday: SFMOMA, Libraries, DAM

Here are five more things:

  1. Check out this new digital collection at SFMOMA – the Rauschenberg Research Project.
  2. What if you have a non traditional library job (like I do). Here are tips for breaking out and feeling proud.
  3. One of my favorite librarians to follow on Twitter, Julia Skinner, was interviewed here on the courses she teaches and others interesting stuff.
  4. How can non-profits leverage digital asset management?
  5. Interested to hear what Dan Cohen has to say about the DPLA project? American Libraries tells us here.

BONUS: 40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach


5 Things Thursday: Born Digital (on the 4th of July?), Webinars, DAM, Interviewing

Here are five things to help you celebrate Independence Day:

  1. Have I mentioned all this useful information from OCLC on Born-Digital content?
  2. Here are 35 FREE webinars for librarians. My favorite is “How to Build Websites Like Hollywood Builds Movies.”
  3. Here is a plethora of information on how to nail your library interview from Mr. Library Dude.
  4. More astute observations from Meredith Farkas on what library users want and a creative solution she participated in at Portland State – Library DIY.
  5. And, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t mention something DAM related. This week – DAM and social media from DAMNEWS.

Happy 4th of July from Mod Librarian and the NYPL holiday postcard archive!