5 Things Thursday: Taxonomy, Helper Apps, Vocab

Here are five things:

  1. Take this survey on your favorite DAM helper app. Mine is Adobe Lightroom. We use it for all color correction, keywords and rating prior to uploading to DAM.
  2. I have always wanted to attend Taxonomy Boot Camp in D.C., but my project budget will not allow for it. Perhaps yours will. You will enjoy such noteworthy speakers as Gary Carlson, Seth Earley, Heather Hedden and Bram Wessel.
  3. The Chattanooga Public Library is an innovator, “striking a balance between analog and digital platforms [which] can be a difficult task in today’s information age” Thanks, Gordon Belt!
  4. Here is a great post on creating taxonomies and thesauri from that pesky natural language. Library systems and search have largely been reliant on users ability to post-coordinate terms while using the catalog. This is even more difficult in terms of finding the correct way to state it. Taking a lesson from e-tail, enabling findability is a constant challenge, but trends drive vocabulary (like the unfortunate jegging fashion adventure – jeans and leggings) – the same holds true of library collections.
  5. Can museums use DAM systems to manage their collections? Check out this post.

5 Things Thursday: MOOC, DAM, Digital Preservation

Here are five things I find interesting:

  1. What is a MOOC? A massive open online course, of course. Read about the New Librarianship MOOC here on Hack Library School. I think I want to take this course immediately.
  2. How can DAM interact with social media platforms? DAMNEWS examines the perils and benefits of employing DAM features to integrate with social media.
  3. Does your library need more cool promotional tools for free? Check out what ProQuest has compiled for you in this Public Library Toolkit.
  4. Here are some digital preservation resources – a Business Case Toolkit as well as some in-depth analysis of current digital preservation policies.
  5. Preparing for banned books week September 22-28? Here are some resources from ALA as well as a quick list on Wikipedia.

Finally, an image of a librarian on the telephone from the Multnomah County Library’s digital collections. Groovy eyeglasses…



5 Things: Get a Job, DAM, Subject Headings

Lots of great advice this week on landing a library job as well as other interesting material:

  1. Best article I’ve seen on how to land a library job. While some of this advice applies to landing any job, this one does not shy away from subjects like competitiveness, flexibility in thought and location and finally, doing your research – you are a librarian after all!
  2. That said, over on Hiring Librarians, there is an interview with a hiring manager on how to best present yourself.
  3. LAC Group also features the top five skills required by the librarian of today (and tomorrow).  I heartily agree with digital preservation and information curation especially!
  4. Can there truly be objectivity when applying subject headings? James Weinheimer puts in his two cents. I agree regarding consistency and that the end user (the searcher) is largely unaware of subject headings.
  5. From the DAM Foundation, is your organization ready for total digitization?

BONUS FOR SEATTLE/PNW FOLKS: Registration is open for InfoCamp 2013!