5 Things: Get a Job, DAM, Subject Headings

Lots of great advice this week on landing a library job as well as other interesting material:

  1. Best article I’ve seen on how to land a library job. While some of this advice applies to landing any job, this one does not shy away from subjects like competitiveness, flexibility in thought and location and finally, doing your research – you are a librarian after all!
  2. That said, over on Hiring Librarians, there is an interview with a hiring manager on how to best present yourself.
  3. LAC Group also features the top five skills required by the librarian of today (and tomorrow).  I heartily agree with digital preservation and information curation especially!
  4. Can there truly be objectivity when applying subject headings? James Weinheimer puts in his two cents. I agree regarding consistency and that the end user (the searcher) is largely unaware of subject headings.
  5. From the DAM Foundation, is your organization ready for total digitization?

BONUS FOR SEATTLE/PNW FOLKS: Registration is open for InfoCamp 2013!


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