5 Things Thursday: Taxonomy, Cloud Tools, DAM Museums

Here are the five things to ponder this week:

  1. Interested in 35 Powerful Cloud Tools for Librarians? Some obvious ones like WorldCat, some not so obvious like freshdesk.
  2. The Accidental Taxonomist discusses card sorting and taxonomies. All in all, card sorting is a very useful tool and can be done with index cards or a web based application. If you haven’t tried it, I highly encourage it!
  3. How do taxonomies help news organizations understand their content?
  4. Are you in the UK? Want to attend a conference there on Digital Asset Management for Museums? Who wouldn’t?
  5. Here is a question I have asked myself – what is linked data and why should I care? Lots of resources here to help you start understanding and caring…


5 Things Thursday: Special Collections, Elvis, NYPL, ROI

Here are five great things:

  1. Before there were rules about patron confidentiality, Elvis autographed this library card to check out a book.
  2. Read this paper on the rising importance of Special Collections (my favorite!).
  3. Are you aware that Hack Library School compiled an entire useful e-book?
  4. Thank goodness, NYPL rethinks its redesign. Read about it here.
  5. Extensis has developed an ROI calculator for DAM. It really is worth it…

5 Things Thursday: Australia, Metadata for Mom, Libraries

Here are your five things:

  1. Do you want your mom to understand metadata? Have her read this!
  2. How are modern libraries branching out? Check out this NPR story.
  3. Are you interested in Aboriginal culture? Well, the world’s largest collection will soon be online.
  4. Here are 32 great free webinars for librarians being offered in September. Lots of information on the affordable care act, fall books, homelessness, embedded librarianship, etc.
  5. Need some resources to demonstrate the value of libraries? Stephen Abram has compiled quite a list.