5 Things Thursday: Rock and Roll, Archives Month, Taxonomy

Here are 5 things: Contribute to the DAM Glossary. Live every day like its Archives Month! How do you create taxonomy for products? Is content strategy the new project management? What does the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame do for Archives Month?

#infocampSEA: Beth Kolko Plenary Speaker

Beth Kolko gave a fantastic presentation on innovation, particularly on non expert innovation. Melding the concepts of equity and justice in product design and observing that expertise is often merely the difference between great ideas and crazy ideas (and the crazy ideas are sometimes genius), Kolko recommended The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen. She cited… Continue reading #infocampSEA: Beth Kolko Plenary Speaker

#infocampSEA: InfoCamp Seattle Keynote

The theme of 2013 InfoCamp Seattle is that of mad scientists. Information people are like mad scientists. They take metadata and programming languages and taxonomies and user experience and experiment with virtual tubes and chemicals. The keynote speaker was Joan Vermette of Mad*Pow, all the way from Maine. Many amazing takeaways from this talk which… Continue reading #infocampSEA: InfoCamp Seattle Keynote