1 thought on “#infocampSEA: Big Data Mess”

  1. Thanks for posting your notes and digging up links. A few comments/additions:

    1. DataWrangler looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2011. Sounds like Google Refine / Open Refine is a better place for people to invest their learning.

    2. Python Regular Expressions: http://www.pyregex.com

    3. More fun with Python:
    * Online Python Tutorial: http://pythontutor.com
    * Extracting data from web pages with Python: http://doc.scrapy.org/en/latest/intro/overview.html

    4. Should Librarians Learn to Code? Why?
    * http://andromedayelton.com/blog/2012/08/28/why-should-librarians-learn-python-a-better-answer/
    * http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2013/03/software/cracking-the-code/

    5. Data Science Training for Librarians?!?

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